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The Pen and Paper Diet (in the following editions: US English, Expanded US English, Metric, Expanded Metric, and US Spanish)

The Calorie Counting Diet (The Pen and Paper Diet rebranded)


Calorie Relativity: Calorie Comparison for Foods and Beverages relative to 1 gram/1 milliliter


Calorie Budget Journal


My Lifetime Health Journal


Health Journal for the Rest of My Life (Age 50+ Edition)


Calorie Info for Restaurants in (the following editions: Tucson, AZ, Oro Valley, AZ and The United States of America)


A Collection of Research Study Abstracts Relating to a Personal Daily Calorie Budget Volumes One and Two


Short Essays and Thought Experiments Regarding Global Usage of a Personal Daily Calorie Budget


Cost per Calorie for Items at your Local Grocery store: 2013 Tucson Arizona Health Food Store edition

The Basics of Finances

Advanced Budgeting for Individuals and Families ready for the next Level using thorough Commitment Identification

Cost to Live per Day Journal


Skill Development Journal


Leadership and the Adapting Organization


Get to Know Yourself


Family Development


Family Integration Journal


Family Event Planning Journal


Parenting Fundamentals


Emotion Journal


Examples of Synergism


An Instruction Manual


A Descent Checklist for our Civilization

A Before Landing Checklist for our Civilization

Case Management Theory

A Prescription for our Civilization

An After Landing Checklist for our Civilization

A Parking Checklist for our Civilization

A Guide Book for People in a Position of Authority (Published by and available on

A Maintenance Checklist for our Civilization

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